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These Reviews are a resource to show my consumers what a package may look like when they receive it. If it is an item I can eat or demonstrate some how on camera, I will do little editing to the video to allow full disclosure of my thoughts and feelings about the product. I also love running contests to help get the word out about awesome products. I currently use Rafflecopter to run the campaigns and also contact other bloggers to post on their pages as well.
I do use full size products on my reviews, not coupons or samples at this time. I do not require any kind of compensation except full size products of what I am testing. 
I will send an email when I have received the product, when your post is live and where applicable, winners of any contests you run.

Get in Contact With Me: If you are interested in having a post on the blog just reach out to my email and we can schedule a post. I am about two weeks out right now after a product reaches me. I will contact you to let you know when I have received it, when it goes live on the blog and, when available, the contest winner and information if we run a contest. 

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Sponsored Post & Review Package Requirements
~ All products must be family friendly
~Please allow up to one month from the time I receive the items for blog post. I will schedule them in the order I have received them. 
~ As with anything, there are exceptions to every rule.  If the product I am writing about is low value, the requirement for review packages will vary.
~ If you wish for me to write about a specific product, I will not write about it unless a full sized product is supplied to me.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own, and I will not let sponsorship influence my posts.  If there was something I don’t like about the product, I will post about it in a constructive way. 
~$25 worth of full size products will get a written review with pictures. $50 worth of full size products will get a video blog, written info of the company and photos if possible. Anything made off of an affiliate link is not guaranteed, and considered not payment.  If you are sending a physical gift card for payment, I will wait to post my article until I receive the gift card and have verified the balance.
I would rather work with products instead of money whenever possible.

Expo/Event Coverage
Amber Allen Blog covers concerts, expos and museums and everything in between.
All social media shares at the event will depend on mobile signal at the event. If I have no signal at the event, I will post everything in the following 24-72 hours.
Requirements: Two full entry tickets for the event.
Review package, sponsorship prices, and social media shout out requirements will vary from company to company.  I am very flexible and open to many different kinds of collaborations, so feel free to reach out with any questions or for a quote.

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